Barcelona – Football, cava and delicious food


For their annual business trip, JCP Travel brought a group of 80 people to Barcelona to wine, dine, and some of them got the chance to see FC Barcelona beat Olympiakos at Camp Nou.

The trip started out with all the football enthusiasts watching Barcelona FC winning over the Greek Olympiakos in the Champions League game played at Camp Nou on Wednesday. Despite the rain pouring down, everyone had a great time watching their favorite football players.

Cava-tasting and ATV
The group went on a day trip to Penedés, the cava district just outside Barcelona, for a guided tour and cava tasting at one of the vineyards. However, some members of the group decided to drive ATV instead:-)

Over the last couple of weeks, Barcelona has experienced a lot of turbulens and deomnstrations. Luckily, the group was not directly affected by the crowds, and JCP Travel made sure everyone had a great time, eating tons of delicious food (some might even say too much!), and drinking good wines.