ByLam – Autumns greatest festival

Food trucks and stalls served Norwegian Lamb with flavors from all over the world during the tastiest festival of the autumn, ByLam.

The festival ByLam was arranged by MatPrat for the very first time in Youngstorget, Oslo. A whole street was filled with food trucks and stalls that served new amazing lamb dishes from all corners of the world.

Some of the dished that the guests could taste was waffle with lamb and blue cheese, curry with lamb, sushi with lamb and lamb sausage.

ByLarm was in charge of the entertainment and there was live performances all day. Some of the artist who played was Valkyrien Allstars, Daniel Kvammen and Lucky Lips.

These were the food trucks serving food at the festival:

Anne på landet served lamb sausage with potato mash and fennel slaw.
Go´Grillas served lamb burger
Helt rå served Massaman Curry
4 Gringos served lamb taco with beetroot and cabbage salad
Sushirull served sushi with pulled lamb
Haralds Vaffel served waffle with blue cheese
MatPrat served a quick lamb curry