Scandic – The Epic Volley

To create awareness around Scandic’s many deals and services for various sports clubs and organizations, we facilitated the world’s highest volley to be kicked from the top of a 74 m tall Scandic hotel. No wonder the football stunt was referred to as an «epic volley» worldwide!

Strategy and execution

Scandic Hotels is the leading hotel chain in Norway and Sweden. Two of their most important customer groups are sports clubs and sports organizations. Therefore, Scandic wished to be the facilitator of an entertaining event that would strengthen their position as the preferred hotel chain for athletes and other people involved in sports.

Rosenborg Ballklub, based in Trondheim (the third largest city in Norway) is the country’s most successful football club, and is sponsored by Trondheim’s largest hotel; Scandic Lerkendal. Conveniently enough, Scandic Lerkendal lies right next to Rosenborg’s grounds (Lerkendal stadium).

By involving Scandic Lerkendal in some way, we would strengthen the ties between the two partners while also reinforcing the associations to Scandic as a «sports hotel chain».

Pål André Helland in Rosenborg

In the end, we decided that the club were to attempt «the world’s highest volley» from the roof of Scandic Lerkendal — 74 metres tall and Norway’s third tallest building. It took 44 attempts in the biting cold and strong wind, but finally the team managed to volley the ball into the net.

TV 2, Norway’s largest commercial television broadcaster and the second most watched TV channel, was granted national exclusivity on the footage while the Trondheim-based newspaper Adresseavisa (approx. 160.000 readers) was given local exclusivity.

The newspaper made an article showing the “behind the scenes” version of the stunt, while TV 2 played the full video on television and on their website shortly before the start of the football season.

Pål André Helland in Rosenborg

The results

The stunt instantly became the talk of the town, the country – and the rest of the world.

Scandic, with its 160.000 followers on Facebook, managed to spread the video organically to a large amount of people. When Scandic uploaded the video, it was shared by Rosenborg, who are followed by 220.000 people on Facebook. This was the start of an effective, organic spread in social media:

On its second day, the video had reached 500.000 people. In March 2017, it has 167.000 views on Facebook, and has been seen more than 310.000 times on YouTube.

Epic Volley in FOX Sports

The video gained massive international attention, and gained coverage in ESPN, The Sun, The Guardian, Mirror, Fox News and on numerous football websites, resulting in more than 120 media reports from all over the world.

Awards and nominations

The campaign received a bronze medal in the category «Online video» at the esteemed Gulltaggen Awards 2017.