Atea Explore

To evolve Atea as a company, all of their 1650 employees from Norway were invited on a journey to Copenhagen for a weekend in January 2018.

The challenge:
To become a business of knowledge is nothing that merely happens. It demands tenacity, curiosity and a big leap into the unknown. Knowledge is about curiosity and always reaching for new heights. The urge for knowledge is a journey with infinite possibilities for unknown discoveries. To evolve Atea as a business, all of their 1650 employees from Norway were invited on a journey to Copenhagen a weekend in January.

Strategy and solution:
The chosen venue “Lokomotivværkstedet”, is an old railway workshop where there has been lots of creations. This was also one of the reasons Atea chose to gather all the Norwegian employees there.

By challenging into “Explore the unknown”, Michael Jacobs (CEO of Atea AS) encouraged the employees to learn new skills.

Friday was used to reflect on the amazing results from 2017, but also to look into 2018. On Saturday the employees were able to choose from widely different topics that they usually only hear about, but never get to learn about. These topics were i.e. CRISPR-technology, brain science, rhetoric, AI, yoga, etc. By using interpret sets, we were able to have a large amount of sessions within the same area.

Atea’s partners were set up in a separate area as a large arcade with tons of fun activities for everyone. It became a place where the guests could play games, participate in competitions or merely hang out. The partners attended the entire event, as it’s important for Atea that both the employees and partners are on the same page as to what direction the company is heading.

The guests had a great time seeing their colleagues again, hanging out in an informal environment.

The result:
The feedback on content throughout the days in Copenhagen were overwhelming, and rating shows that this was the best gathering Atea Norway has ever had!