Domino’s Grünerløkka Grand Opening

Domino’s is expanding in Norway, and with the opening of their new restaurant in Grünerløkka they wanted to generate exposure to the locals.

Strategy and solution
In cooperation with SMFB we came up with an American Diner / Hipster theme to connect the Domino brand with local influences. It was of great importance not to make fun of the stereotypical person from Grünerløkka but still integrate it in the theme.

A person with a sign-spinner was used to draw attention to the store from different parts of the area. At the store people could win discounts or free pizza on the Wheel of Fortune, and the first 100 customers got a pizza for only 20 NOK. Every customer at the event got a ticket to win a year’s consumption of Domino’s pizza.

The result
When the doors opened there was a line consisting of approximately 60 people. More people came, and restaurant was completely filled with customers throughout the first three hours. The client and the employees of the restaurant were very pleased with the result.