In many cities there is a lack of low threshold weekend activities for families. Our aim is to arrange a wonderful day for families with children, by facilitating a fun 1 km route for them to walk. Along the way, they would meet relevant and engaging partners as well as being served good-quality entertainment of various sorts.

We partnered up with Brannbamsen Bjørnis, a well known concept that focus on fire protection skills towards kids. The national radio P4 was our media partner and engaged the audience through competitions.
15.000 guests attended the event in Oslo and Bergen. These two events were separated by a week.

15 strong brands contributed to the event, having activities and sampling during the day. Amongst them were DNB, Skoda, Pågen, Viaplay, Franzefoss, Skoringen, Verisure, Egon Restaurants, KK Mila and Firesafe. They were very positive about the concept, and the shared opinion was that A Walk in the Park is a relevant and highly requested family event.

All of our partners were a great asset for us, with a lot of cool activities for the children; Meet & Greet with PawPatrol show, obstacle course, quiz, fire demo, P4 – lyden av Norge, trampoline and a lot more.