When people enjoy what they do,
they do it better.

We are a full service communication agency offering our services within advertising, PR, event and event travels.

Our vision: The fun place for brave thinking

At JCP we focus on culture and people. This was the backbone of every new and demanding venture when the company came together 20 years ago, and has continued to be so in every detail and development since.

JCP is to be superiorly known as the place where both customers, co-workers and visitors alike feel welcome and motivated, but also challenged through a work environment that encourages fun and brave thinking.

We are convinced that by maintaining a positive and creative atmosphere we are helping each other improve ourselves and our work. That is why having fun working with JCP matters to us the most.

Our mission: Captivate People

Captivate People represents a history and experience of balancing professionalism with surprises; where the unexpected can be expected through trust and competent process and implementation.

The human factor is key at JCP; what triggers people to engage? Our mission in every part of our business is to captivate the people we meet and work with. We are not satisfied with people merely understanding what we mean – they have to believe it and want to join in.

Our story

It all started with four young friends organizing a party in order to afford going on a cruise vacation and travel the world together. As the party proved to be a success – laying the foundation for client relations that still stand with JCP today – the group of friends came to a realization of greater importance; the value and motivation in making people come together.

The group quickly became known as «those hard-working Scandinavians» who were especially talented in youth communication, thus the demand for events, sampling and activation rapidly grew.

At the same time JCP was in the making, Will Smith ruled the charts with his tune “Just Cruisin’”, and in remembrance of their cancelled plans for a cruise vacation they decided the company had to be named Just Cruzin’ Production.

Over the years their efforts created strong, professional relationships in many forms of engaging communications all over Scandinavia, thus laying the foundation for what JCP were to become today; A leading communications company housing six major disciplines ranging from Event and Arena, PR and Advertising, to Travel and Digital development, covering all of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

A company where every branch and creative works towards one mission, to Captivate People, and where the original motivation of big dreams and bringing people together have translated into the vision of creating The fun place for brave thinking.


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