Apetina – The Norwegian Taco Championships

NM i taco 2016

Arla Food’s cheese brand Apetina wanted help in rebranding themselves towards a younger audience, and in selling more of their shredded cheese. Leveraging on the strong “taco foodie” trend in Norway, we created the first ever Norwegian Taco Championships (“NM i taco”), hosted by Apetina.

Strategy and execution

Every year, 14 million taco dinners are eaten in Norway, and 87 percent of the population report that they use cheese on their tacos.

Arla’s Apetina cheese was facing a challenge regarding their younger audiences. They wanted to communicate that they are an inspiring cooking brand with a tasty shredded cheese, while we wanted to express that it’s time to be more experimental about our tacos, and that the dish can be so much more than we’re accustomed to in Norway.

We decided to link their shredded cheese to a growing food trend in Norway: tacos.

Norwegians love taco, and have done it for several years. But despite it being a popular dish with many possible variations, we tend to make the same boring taco over and over. Therefore, we wanted Apetina to challenge the tedious taco, and show people how inspiring and exciting tacos can be.

NM i taco i Mathallen


The solution was to create a contest revolving around tacos: We gave birth to the Norwegian Taco Championships (“NM i taco”), inviting the best taco restaurants in Norway to compete in making the tastiest tacos possible.

The event was hosted by famous foodie and TV personality Klaus Pilgaard, better known as “Chili Klaus”, who was also the chief judge of the contest.

We made the event available for the public in the Oslo-based food court Mathallen, so the audience could view and taste the contestants’ tacos. That way, our campaign also offered a live activation for the public.

The first Norwegian Taco Championships took place in October 2014, and has been arranged annually since. Gradually, the concept has grown in scale, and the time and place for the Norwegian Taco Championships 2017 is TBA.

NM i taco i Mathallen

The results

To summarize: Numerous media mentions made the campaign reach out to a potential 6.7 million people in 2016.

The campaign and championships created massive earned awareness in editorial and social media in 2015, ultimately resulting in a 47 percent product sale increase nationwide of Apetina’s shredded cheese (compared to last year). In 2016, the product sale increase of Apetina’s variety of cheese products was 48 percent.

It’s also worth mentioning that in 2015, 6.000 people signed up to attend the Taco Championships event on Facebook over the course of 1,5 days – without the event having been sponsored at all.

The Norwegian Taco Championships sparked great interest among the population, and the presence and coverage by large broadcasters and newspapers like NRK, TV 2, VG and Dagbladet resulted in phenomenal exposure and awareness around the campaign.

Nm i taco 2015 - Godt

Awards and nominations

For our work with Apetina, JCPR won a 2016 Gullkorn Award in the category B2C. The Gullkorn Awards are one of the most prestigious accolades you can receive within the Norwegian communications trade.

NM i taco 2016 was also nominated to the ANFO Effekt award in the category B2C in early 2017.

NM i taco