Arbeidsgledens dag

“Arbeidsgledens dag” was organized for the third consecutive year, and it’s the second year in a row that JCP is involved in the project. Fredrikstad Municipality invited everyone in the Health and Welfare department to a day with excited content, laughter, song and interaction.

The Execution

  • The eventful day took place in “Kongstenhallen” in Fredrikstad and around 1200 employees were involved during the day.
  • The Head of Health and Welfare in Fredrikstad Municipality, Nina Grønvold welcomed everyone.
  • The guest were entertained and guided through the day by comedian Lisa Tønne.
  • Six awards were handed out by the Head of Health and Welfare, Nina Grønvold.
  • Karin Fevaag Larsen gave a lecture about grasping the day and the opportunities coming your way.
  • The day ended with music by Hans Orkester.

The Result
Overall, the customer is very pleased with the execution, counseling and the job JCP has done. They said that the event has been taken to new heights and that it wouldn’t be the same with JCP.