Army Summit 2017


For the second consecutive year, JCP has helped the Norwegian Army with their event, Army Summit.

Army Summit creates an arena for Norway and its allies to meet in a global situation outside of the NATO Alliance. Researchers, bureaucrats, diplomats, ambassadors, generals and parliamentarians from Norway and abroad, invited by the Defence Minister, were some of the 360 attendees at the event. Those who could not attend were able to watch the event via the Army’s Facebook page.

The event facilitates closer relations between the countries as well as it focuses on Norway. In addition to contemporary themes, an exciting stage-technical design created an attractive frame that supported the messages conveyed.

A unique arena
Army Summit is unique the way it attracts a very high level of presenters and audiences, both from the military and the civil society. It’s a place where one can freely discuss the safety of Norway. Most countries are now cutting their defence budgets and therefore it becomes even more significant to collaborate across national borders to ensure security. In order to carry out such cooperation, the first step is to establish contact and personal networks, and the Army Summit has proven itself as a very good arena for Norway’s top military leadership to do just that.

Army Summit received a great deal of attention in 2017. There were journalists present from; Dagens Næringsliv, VG, Dagbladet, NRK, Aftenposten, Klassekampen, Armed Forces Forum, NTB, Offisersbladet, and Befalsbladet.

The same evening, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation sent a longer feature on Kveldsnytt with the Chief Commander. In addition the event also generated a first page cover in the paper edition of Klassekampen the day after the event.

Today the Armed Forces focuses on events as a communication platform and it’s been really inspiring for JCP to be a contributor.