Atea Community 2018

This year’s Community was arranged by Atea for the fourteenth time. We visited seven of the largest cities in Norway, from Tromsø in the north to Kristiansand in the south.

The theme of this year’s Community was “Explore” which was first presented at Atea’s internal gathering earlier in 2018 with great success. The main goal was to get the participants to learn and experience new things and expand what technology means to them in their daily life, at work (in both private and public sector) and in their community.

The agenda included topics such as cyber security, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, telecare, aquaculture, smart city, presentation technique, self-driven cars, training, nutrition, industry and much more. For those more technical, we had in total 36 LAB’s where they could be more hands-on.

Atea wanted the participants to go home with more knowledge, curiosity and with a feeling of being more prepared for the future.

Their long-term goal is to make a social impact in Norway through digitalization, knowledge-sharing and engagement.
Atea’s mission is to “Build Norway with IT” by delivering “Technology. By and for the people”.

JCP Event helped Atea with the logistics, strategic work towards content, communication towards the partners and continuous planning together with Atea’s marketing department.

Fun facts about this year’s Community:

  • The JCP crew walked 3.360.000 steps all together (this equals walking from Atea’s offices at Bryn to Naples in Italy)
  • 7800 coffee cups were consumed
  • 2000 baguettes were eaten
  • 42 tons of equipment were taken in and out of the truck during the tour
  • 122 presentations were held
  • It was served 2000 three course dinners during the tour
  • There were 4320 participants during Community 2018