Atea Community

Atea Community has been arranged every fall since 2005, with a continuous increase in clients. In 2017 we had the pleasure of visiting eight of the largest cities in Norway, to keep the local affiliation Atea has to each region in the long-stretched country.

New and exciting content was created throughout, which led us meeting a larger and wider audience.

Some of the updated content was a competition for the Tech-startup of the Year 2017, collaboration with Nordic Edge in Stavanger, Sysla Live in Bergen, alongside with even more focus on the educational part of the event.

The goal of Atea Community is to create the most important meeting place for IT-leaders, CEOs, CFOs, IT-employees, technicians and special users in Norway.

Atea’s long term goal is to become a make a social impact in Norway through digitization. Through knowledge sharing and engaging, as well as showing real passion for the cause – Atea is making a large footprint on the Norwegian society.

JCP Event helps Atea with the logistics, strategic work towards content, partner handling, and continuous planning together with the marketing department at Atea.