Avinor – Service Testing Oslo Airport (OSL)

It doesn’t only take ambition to extend an airport from housing 17 million passengers annually to housing 32 million. It takes extremely hard work and careful planning. We are proud of being chosen as airport operator Avinor‘s preferred event partner to develop, plan and execute a number of service rehearsals where both passengers and baggage were thoroughly put to the test.

Strategy and solution

The challenge was divided into three parts: To make sure that buildings and facilities connected to Oslo Airport (OSL) were functioning as planned, to confirm that airport staff in all operative functions had the necessary training, and seeing to that all operational concepts, procedures and documentation worked accordingly. A large part of our assignment was executing several service tests of passengers and baggage.

Avinor – T2

To ensure a good experience for the 5.800 test passengers, we made a detailed plan on how to not only making sure that the passengers’ extectations were met, but also exceeded – thus creating a good «word of mouth».

In order to reach the required amount of test passengers, JCP created an extensive marketing campaign including newspaper ads (print), programmatic display (real-time bidding) ads online, social media, telephone recruitment of special target groups, live recruiting through promotion stands in key traffic hubs in Oslo, and a detailed PR campaign to gain earned media attention.

Together with Fluxloop, JCP offered a state of the art solution based on Bluetooth beacons technology. The system was based on Bluetooth beacons installed in the test areas that communicated with a custom-built app installed on the test passengers own’ smartphones. The solution provided detailed information about the movements of the passengers, and reported deviations in a series of reports.

The deviations were collected using observers, surveys and interviews with the test passengers, report sheets from baggage systems combined with data from passenger tracking. All data collected from the tests was gathered, analyzed and reported back to Avinor the day after each event, and the necessary corrections were carried out parallel to the ongoing tests.

T2 servicetest

The results

The registration of test passengers went beyond all expectations, and had to be closed after 24 hours when 4.600 passengers had signed up. In total, 5.765 test passengers were recruited to be part of 23 tests days from August 1st to December 1st. Additionally, 49.960 pieces of test baggage were used to test the baggage facilities during these 23 test days.

Test passengers were very happy with their experience during the tests;
• Very satisfied: 57,9%
• Satisfied: 41,5%
• Dissatisfied: 0,9%
• Very dissatisfied: 0,3%

As a result from all the 23 tests, more than 2.000 reports of operational improvements to be made before operations can begin were filed to airport administration.

Because of the total progress made in the overall Terminal 2 (T2) project and based on the results from the service tests, the airport expansion was ahead of schedule for the official opening April 27th2017.

Awards and nominations

The T2 project was shortlisted in the «Exceptional Events» category at the Heavent Awards 2017.
It was also nominated for «Best Internal Event» at the SPOT Awards 2017, hosted by The Norwegian Sponsoring and Event Association.

Avinor – T2