Baristas of the North

“Baristas in the North” was a Nordic coffee event, hosted by Mars, who wanted to give people a unique chocolate experience.
The products were sampled throughout Denmark, Sweden and Finland. At the events, super delicious chocolate and chewing gum was handed out accompanied by a delicious cup of coffee – made by educated baristas.

Everybody knows TWIX, and the brand already has a strong group of loyal consumers. With the “Barista in the North” tour, Mars had a desire to enhance the positive brand perception and the perceived quality of the sampled products. Moreover, the focus was to create a social media buzz, encouraging the consumers to upload their photos using the hashtag; #twixandcoffee.

To create a memorable coffee moment as well as make sure it was social media worthy, the Baristas printed a logo onto the coffees. People could choose between Twix logos or they could upload their own photo which was copied onto the foam.

Additionally, a PR event was hosted in each country where important influencers were invited to support the social media campaign and to increase the awareness of the products.

The result
We visited supermarkets, train stations and hospitals in Denmark, Sweden and Finland over a five week period. During the five week, more than 5000 cups of coffee, chocolates and chewing gum were handed out. Twix received an utterly positive effect from the PR events and the general social media campaign and hundreds of photos were uploaded using the hashtag; #twixandcoffee.