Bilka – SMS Challenge

By playing on people’s competitive spirit, we created a national event in collaboration with relevant Bilka providers to generate traffic for the supermarket chain.

Insights and strategy

Bilka operates with campaign periods with a different focus area for each period. In February/March 2016 the focus was electronics. Therefore, we teamed up with the gaming company Iplay to develop an event concept where customers from all Bilka supermarkets could compete against each other.

We facilitated various challenges: among them an SMS challenge, a foosball challenge, and a FIFA/Xbox One challenge. Samples and giveaways were offered alongside the contests.

The concept development, negotiations of sponsor packages with providers, and execution of the event on behalf of all 18 Bilka stores were done by JCP Arena. Brands like Xbox, Snickers, Fuji Film and SteelSeries participated in the event.

The objective of the Bilka SMS Challenge was to strengthen the relation between Bilka and its suppliers by collaborating with large brands and develop unique arenas to spawn visibility, sampling, traffic, leads and good experiences.

The results

More than 10.000 guests attended the events and took part in the brand engagements.