Join the Fun Place for Brave Thinking

JCP is always looking for great freelancers and Brand Ambassadors. We call them Captivators – because they’ll always work for JCP’s common goal: to Captivate People.

In JCP, we believe that when people have fun, they work harder which in turn will result in the delivery of the very best event experience.

JCP provides events, advertising, event travels, PR and digital solutions. We use our multidisciplinary expertise to deliver brave, creative and engaging solutions for our customers, every single day. Our client list includes large international brands; thus, we have the highest expectations that our Captivators are aware of the responsibility this entails, both as the face of JCP, but more importantly – as the face of our clients.

JCP’s Scandinavian offices are situated in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. You can apply to work in one of these cities. However we are also in need of establishing Captivator crew in all major Scandinavian cities. Please specify in your application where you are situated and/or have the possibility to work.

You are …
● Minimum 18 years old
● Outgoing and love talking with people
● A team worker
● Familiar with sales and/or customer service
● Positive, dependable and punctual
● Proactive and independent
● Flexible; the job will require you to work on evenings and weekends
● Having a driver’s license (or other licenses/certifications) is beneficial, but not a necessity
● Fluent speaker in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. Mastering additional languages is also a plus.

Being a Captivator is a flexible job, and particularly suited to students. Our Captivators are free to choose shifts suited, which can be anything from 3 to 4 shifts a month, to something near on resembling a full-time job.

As a Captivator, we can promise you a fun and exciting workplace where the variety in jobs is endless. You’ll never have a boring day! We are deeply dependable on our Captivators, and you’ll be part of a motivating, supportive and young environment.