CC Vest (shopping center) wanted a night where we together would build a feeling of unity, and celebrate achievements from the last 30 years with all the employees working at CC Vest. Some stores have been at the center since day one in 1989, and they deserved some extra attention.

The challenge was celebrating and saluting great achievements of the last 30 years, while also celebrating the future and being excited for what’s to come.

Strategy and solution:

Before the event we sent out a save the date, where both the location & the entertainment were kept secret. We wanted the location to create that wow-feeling and be a surprise element for the guests, therefore it had to be unique. In 12 hours we transformed CC Vest’s parking garage to an underground event space.

As the brief was to honor good achievements, we had two different awards during the dinner, one for those who have been at the center for 30 years, and one for those who had excelled throughout the year.

The result:

The result was according to the customer “their best party ever”! Both young, and more experienced employees, danced all night long, to Ina Worldsen’s beautiful voice and to the rhythms of the DJ.