Clas Ohlson’s Fiksefest

The brief
Clas Ohlson celebrates 100 years and wanted to mark the occasion by bringing back a long, lost habit; fixing stuff instead of buying new things and working towards a sustainable future.

We came up with the concept “Clas Ohlson Fiksefest”. During all four seasons we will bring a custom trailer around to meet our target audience where they need us – Norway’s camp sites, ski slopes and festivals – to help fix people’s things for free. With our professional “fixer”, crash courses and competitions we aim to inspire Norwegians to once again take matters in to their owns hands – to fix their things instead of replacing them.

Our first stop on the tour was Beitostølen, during the Easter break. Ski slopes steaming with people, proved to us that we were on to something, as plenty of them had things that needed fixing. Broken ski bindings, things from their cabins and more got fixed with a little help from our crew. People of all ages were excited by the idea of fixing things instead of replacing them and by the end of the day, whole families willingly went back to their cabins to fix their belongings – on their own.

The result
The end result was a very happy client, fantastic atmosphere and sunburnt skin. The activities we had on the stand was extremely popular with queues all day long. Approximately 5500 people visited the stand over three days, and 1500 kids engaging in our activity.

One of the goals was brand recognition and with our trailer and a fantastic crew, we managed to get a lot of positive feedback from the audience at Beitostølen. They were particularly happy with our DIY work station for fixing skies/boards.


“I’m very pleased with JCP and that they fixed everything that we needed for the event. It felt safe and that they had control all the way, and !´m very happy with the execution.“                                                                                                                                                                                                     – Clas Ohlson