Elfag – Congresso Registration Application


Elfag, Norway’s biggest chain for electricians, has dedicated a lot of time modernizing themselves. To them, Congresso was the obvious choice when it came to improving the logistics and flow of the entire event. Congresso is one of our most popular and succesful digital packages.

In concurrence with their bi-annual members meeting on Svalbard, we designed a registration and check-in application for Elfag to use before, during and after the event.

Insights and strategy

Elfag and its members are located all over Norway. Each member could bring a guest to the biannual summit. In total, 216 guests were to fly in from a number of cities, sleep at three different locations and participate in different activities and forums during the day. It was critical that we provided a registration solution that was easy to use and navigate in.

Northern Lights

A save the date was sent out to all members with a link that automatically added the date in the member’s calendar when clicked on. A couple of weeks later the actual invitation were sent out, including all necessary information and a link to the registration site. Here, the member could fill in personal details and all other information required of the project group.


At the fair, all participants received a text with a link to the fair quiz, making it easily accessible for everyone. All of this was done using JCP’s Congresso application. Congresso also made it possible to send out information to all or a select group of people. This way, no one missed a change in the program or other important messages.

Eltinget 2017

The results

All 216 members, employees and suppliers checked in accordingly to plan at the airport, everyone got the correct hotel room, and no one missed a bus or a single part of the program.

The digital fair quiz was an instant success. Never had so many participated and the «no paper and pencil» solution was very much appreciated.