Energizer – EcoAdvanced Birdhouses

Energizer EcoAdvanced – JCPR SE

In a world that’s become more and more focused on reliable solutions and trends, we assisted leading company Energizer in claiming the position as the number one battery brand when it comes to eco friendliness. For that purpose, we got some very special birdhouses made.

Strategy and execution

The use of birdhouses was our way of letting the customer capitalize on a message and theme that was more than familiar to Swedish families.

We teamed up with various influencers and capitalized on EcoAdvanced through their own channels by sending them a wooden birdhouse (Swedish term: «fågelholk») and creative kit each. They were encouraged to design their birdhouse in an unique and captivating way, thus conducting beautiful and eco-friendly battery «holks».

Each influencer were given the task of posting a step-by-step article on their blog, explain the importance of recycling, and give their readers tips on how to create a fun recycling station for their used batteries.

The results

The blogs reached over 185.000 readers across Sweden, and generated a reach of more than 65.000 people on social channels.

Energizer EcoAdvanced – JCPR SE