Eurosport Player – The Olympics 2018

The brief:  
Eurosport Player was broadcasting the entire Olympic Games in Pyeongchang for the first time in 2018. They wanted JCP to suggest how they could create a marketing stunt somewhere in Oslo to inform people that they could watch the different games on their channel.

Eurosport Player was also offering people one month free subscription during the Olympic Games period, if they were a paying customer.

Strategy and solution:
We decided to build a 50 square meter led-screen in the middle of Jernbanetorget to broadcast the Olympic Games for 17 days. Small campfires was made and benches and blankets was set up. The viewers were served hot chocolate, coffee and “toddy” when passing by or when they were watching the games.

In addition, the screen was branded with the Eurosport Player logo.

Our crew were dressed in branded jackets and equipped with their own iPad when people wanted to sign up for a subscription.

The result:
We managed to recruit a significant amount of people for the Eurosport Player subscription, and we received only positive feedback from the people passing by.