April 28, 2017

Giveaway: Logo and visual identity

JCP donates logo

[EDIT:] Thank you for all of your inquiries! The giveaway is now concluded, and we can’t wait to share with you who the lucky winner was.


The thing is, we think it’d be a waste to just throw away our current logo and visual identity. It’s done a great job for us, and we know that many great companies out there could need more self-promotion. So if you own a business – big or small – and could use a little upgrade, please contact us!

You’re gonna have to add the letters JCP to your company name, but in return, we’ll give you a whole bunch of stuff:

● A car (yes, we’re actually giving away our 2005 model Mini Cooper – we hope you’re not in the moving industry)
● A website
● Four blankets
● A box full of sweaters
● 259 pens (one of them is broken, but we don’t know which one)
● 48 coffee cups
● A soda machine
● 131 notepads
● Signs. Lots of signs. Big and small, thin and thick.
● God knows how many beach flags – you can never get enough of ’em.
● 23 memory sticks
● Thousands of buttons
● A presentation template (you know – for presentations and stuff)
● A bunch of caps
● Several balloons
● And much, much more

What your company does isn’t really important to us as long as you seem like a nice person. If you’re interested, send us a few words by writing to logo@jcpnordic.com. Maybe we’ll talk!