A new trio to JCP


– There is a lot that is happening these days which we are really excited about, says Lars Terje Grorud, CEO in JCP Norway.

JCP will have a bigger focus on retail and 3D as they get Christine Monsen, Camilla Hovind and Oscar Beckmann on the team.

Christine Monsen came to JCP from Salmon Brands where she worked as Marketing Manager for the brand Salma. Christine has nine years of experience within retail, and are now a part of JCP Event as a Strategic Advisor.

– I’m really looking forward to become a part of the JCP family, and to join the exciting venture JCP has towards retail. It is a great pleasure to help build strong brands within retail by creating exciting experiences that engages the target groups, says Christine Monsen.

Oscar Beckmann will begin in the role as Motion Graphic Designer after being part of the creative group in PXLR AS for a year. Earlier, he also worked as a Cinematographer in Oscar Dante Motion in USA for 9 years, in addition to working as a Video Shooter & Motion Graphic Consultant for TruVos Media.

– I have been following JCP for a long time and been impressed by the high quality of their work. It will be very exciting to join with this innovative and creative group of people, Beckmann says.

Camilla Hovind joins JCP PR & Advertising as Senior Project Manager after leaving Schjærven Pilot. In Schjærven Pilot, Hovind led the brand and strategic processes. She has 18 years of experience in the communications industry, and has worked with clients such as Eika, Bergans, Get, Red Cross, TINE, Tele2 and Expert.

– By having these three on our team we will by able to strengthen the products we deliver to our clients even further, says Lars Terje Grorud.