The Arla breakfast campaign was voted the best radio advertisement in August 2019

In the radio commercial, listeners are encouraged to “do something new”, whether it is to sleep on the other side of the bed, get a new haircut, learn the word “Jnana” (knowledge) or simply try foods and dairy products from Arla for breakfast.

Here is the jury’s rationale for the winning spot in August:

– Do something new then! Like winning a Silver Mic or travelling on a trip to New York. The spot for Arla wines the highest price for August. The jury applauds for good acting and a good production. It is wonderful to hear a commercial that gives the dramatization time – which makes you want to hear more. Thanks for the new “Jnana”, and congratulations to the entire team!

The creative team consists of Øivind Kristiansen and Helge Svendsen. The project manager is Nina Callenås and the consultant is Christina Øien.

Listen to the commercial below