JCP is a CO2 neutral company

For ten years JCP has purchased climate quotas for its employees. The climate quotas equivalent to 43 036 Nordic flights or 20 903 200 km on the road. “We take the environment seriously and take responsibility for our own use,” says CEO, Øystein Tynning.

JCP Nordic is an environmental lighthouse. The company takes responsibility for their own emissions and have purchased climate quotas for their employees for 10 years. With the money spent on climate quotas JCP supports a charity of their choice.

Energy efficient ovens in Ghana
This year JCP has chosen to support a project that produces energy efficient and clean-burning kitchen ovens in Ghana. These furnaces improve the efficiency of combustion of charcoal. The main purpose is to reduce the consumption of charcoal as fuel in poor households in the Ashanti region, in Ghana. Locals are offered less expensive stoves to replace the traditional once which exposes them to toxic fumes and gases from the combustion of charcoal, while cooking. It is especially mothers and children who are exposed.

As the more environmentally friendly stoves are made locally, this also contributes to new jobs for the locals.

– We are proud to contribute to better environment in addition to create jobs. It’s important to give back and help those who need it, says Øystein Tynning.

Bought 3074 climate quotas
One quota equals 6800 km of driving, 14 flights in the Nordic region or 260 meals. After 10 years, JCP Nordic has bought 3074 climate quotas which is equivalent to:

Driving: 20 903 200 km by car
Flights: 43,036 flights in the Nordic countries
Meals: 805 388