JCP donates 110 000 NOK to Katwe Education Organization


Every year JCP Nordic choose a charity to support. In 2017 the agency decided to give 110 000 Norwegian kroners to Katwe Education Organization.

Katwe Education Organization’s main purpose is to make sure the children in the area can start school and get an education. It all started with a Norwegian couple traveling to Uganda to help the locals. They saw how bad the schools were and immediately wanted to help.

Katwe is a village in the middle of the National park, Queen Elisabeth, in Uganda. They live extremely close to the animals and the park is the most visited in the country. As a result the locals can only grow a small amount of food and they are therefore reliant on other ways to get an income. One way is by extracting salt from the Salt Lake. This is said to be the worst job in the entire world. They also fish from lakes with a huge amount of crocodiles and hippos.

Want to support 200 students
In 2012, Katwe Education Organization opened up a library to give the students a safe place to study. Today all the students have library cards and two librarians run the library on a daily basis. In 2013 the organization wanted to help out more locals and decided to support as many children has possible with school tuition fees. In 2016 they supported 60 children, and the number continues to grow.

Katwe Education Organization continues to set new goals for the future; 1) to give mothers a chance to continue their education and 2) to support 200 students with school tuition fees.

Charity without any administrative costs
The project’s intention is to be an aid organization without any administrative costs. They have an accountant who works free of charge and everyone who helps out does this without any compensation.

– We are so happy to be able to help children and young adults with their education. This is an amazing charity and the work they are doing is changing the lives of many people, says Øystein Tynning, CEO at JCP.