JCPr recruits PR advisor from competitor


JCPr continues to grow as they have recruited Niklas Sundström as senior PR adviser from their competitor MSL.

Anne Caroline Båmstedt became the Managing Director at JCPr in 2017, and since then she has had the goal to make JCPr Sweden’s best PR agency.

– To see that we are at the stage where we are recruiting one of the senior PR advisors from a communication agency such as MSI shows that JCPr is moving in the right direction. We are already working with a number of well-known brands and with Niklas on our team we will be able to add on another dimension. He has a solid PR background and experience as well as an insightful 360 perspective on communication that will be very valuable to our customers, says Anne Caroline Båmstedt.

After working for MSL for six years as a PR consultant and communications advisor, Niklas Sundström has now joined the competitor. He chose JCPr as he saw a huge potential in the agency, and he wanted to be a part of a company that is on the rise.

– To me communication has to give results. The customer must get the best possible solution that will benefit the business. A fun and creative campaign with a lot of attention does not hurt, but it also has to lead to some measurable effect in the end. That’s why I think a lot about the long-term and insight-driven communication that builds the customer’s business, says Niklas Sundström, and continues:

– There is a curiosity and a willingness to always give the customer the best possible communication solution that creates business benefits at JCPr. I enjoy to work like that and I see great opportunities for the agency in the future, he says.