The brief
The only way to watch Premier League in Norway is by buying a sports package on TV2 Sumo. We knew that most people follow one specific football team, so TV2 was wondering if they could increase sales by having those who were just interested in football become “die hard” fans of the Premier League clubs?

The solution
We sent Helene Olafsen – which was interested in football but didn’t have a specific team she followed or cheered on – to England. For ten days she travelled across England to the twenty Premier League clubs so she – once and for all – could find the team she wanted to cheer on.

Through the interactive web series, Klubbjakten, we allowed the viewers to get to know all the twenty different clubs in Premier League in a new and unique way. Episodes and other content were published in real time from Helene’s and TV2’s own social media channels as well as at www.klubbjakten.no, TV2 News, TV2 Sport and TV2.no.

The viewers could talk directly to Helene, influence her journey as well as decide who she ended up meeting in the different cities.

At the end Helene chose Crystal Palace F.C as her team.

The result

  • We ended up reaching 1,5 millions across the different channels.
  • 20% of the target group said they became more interested in English football after seeing the campaign.
  • We sold 4% more than the original goal.