Maarud – Food Truck Sampling 

Maarud is Norway´s largest snack production company. In 2017 they launched a new series called “Food Truck” with three different flavors; Crispy Onion Rings, Honey Glazed BBQ and Southern Tasty Spareribs. In the spring of 2018, Honey Glazed BBQ was replaced with a new product and flavor; Hot Salsa Tortilla. In relations to the new launch, Maarud wanted to increase product awareness among the target audience; “hip and trendy” young people between 15-30 years old.

Strategy and solution
We believe in the importance of integrating a brand in the right situation and create a captivating experience for the right audience that compliments the brand. In order to reach the target audience, we decided to sample Food Truck in three music festivals in Norway; P.I.P (Piknik i Parken), The Stavern Festival and the festival; Slottsfjell.

In addition to the music festivals we wanted to reach the target audience through social media in order to strengthen the communication and engagement about Maarud Food Truck. We created a competition on Instagram where the target audience could win tickets to the P.I.P festival. Ahead of the festival, we sampled the product, filmed and recorded when people ate the crisps. We edited this together to the beat of the song “Hjertebank” by the band “Pikekyss” and published the song on Maarud’s Instagram page. The target audience were to guess which song and artist it was, and then they were in the running of winning tickets to the festival. 5 lucky people ended up with tickets to P.I.P.

In order to get further engagement in physical meetings with the target audience and strengthen the experience of the tasting together with the brand, we also created a Maarud – Food Truck DJ booth where we played «the crispy sound» and sampled Food Truck on the festivals.

The result
Throughout a five-week period we presented Maarud Food Truck on music festivals and social media. We reached at least 200 000 people in the target group and were able to sample 15 000 bags of Food Truck. We managed to present Food Truck in a context where the audience where exposed to the product and where able to experience it in the right situation.