MATSTREIF // Matmerk

MATSTREIF was conducted at Rådhusplassen in Oslo 7thand 8thof September. MATSTREIF is Norway’s largest food festival and is being arranged every year by Innovation Norway. This year’s food festival was the 14thof its kind, and JCP has been involved in the festival for the past seven years.

JCP is a part of the project group, and are responsible for planning and conducting MATSTREIF in collaboration with Innovation Norway. There were over 200 vendors represented at MATSTREIF. Our responsibility was to ensure that every vendor got all the information, supplies and storage that they needed to maintain a seamless festival.

The sales of Norwegian products together with storytelling, different courses and competitions characterized this year’s MATSTREIF. To increase the enthusiasm and knowledge around Norwegian food and beverage the suppliers focused on their Norwegian produce when showcasing their products.

There were around 100.000 visitors from the ages of 0-100 during the two days MATSTREIF were arranged. JCP were also responsible for all the infrastructure so that all the visitors at MATSTREIF would have a great experience. That involved safety, toilet facilities and hygiene, waste control, event design with information banners and program on stage.

Matmerk is an independent organisation that contributes to increased diversity, quality and value creation in the Norwegian food production. Matmerk was created by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in 2007.

Matmerk works within three different areas:

1) Quality assurance of Norwegian food production through the agriculture’s internal control system, KSL.

2) Development and professionalization of local food producers.

3) Marketing of our brand schemes as well as the communication to the consumer.

Matmerk’s participation in MATSTREIF is based on their different disciplines, and their main focus is the communication and conversation they have with the consumers. They want to promote the manufacturers that are part of the brand scheme as well as show that Norwegian produced food is of the highest quality.

To achieve this goal, JCP set up a tent of 30 x 35 meters where 50 manufacturers from all over Norway sold their food and beverages. During the two days that MATSTREIF was arranged, the tent was full of visitors that wanted to explore what the suppliers had to offer.

This is the sixth year we assist Matmerk.

The result was very satisfied customer and very satisfied manufacturers.