Nissan LEAF Launch

The brief
Nissan Denmark was launching their new electric vehicle, Nissan LEAF, and wanted us to help them create a suitable launch event. The new vehicle is a car many electric vehicle enthusiasts had been looking forward to trying out, and we wanted to give them an opportunity to really get to know the car.

Nissan Denmark wanted both the press and customers to have the opportunity to test drive the car in beautiful, but also suitable surroundings. In addition, a conference with speakers presenting the new model was highly preferable, due to the new features that came with the car.

The press event started at one of the cafes in the airport, as most the guests arrived in Copenhagen by plane. Several test routes were planned for the event and we made sure that the different routes were perfect for test driving the car and trying out the new features such as the e-Pedal and ProPilot.

At the venue, we wanted to create a suitable atmosphere with decorations such as trees and earthly tones and colors. To add a unique gimmick, we created a special design that was printed onto the coffees.

The result
Throughout the whole event, the launch of the Nissan LEAF received only positive feedback. For two days, we could together with Nissan Denmark present a car in beautiful surroundings, combined with both test drives, food and constructive work all in one.