NMBU Banebryter

In 2018, NMBU developed a new strategy with sustainability as the core. Here they acknowledged a special responsibility: To contribute to securing the basis of life for future generations. NMBU students should be equipped with a mindset for sustainability with the knowledge, expertise and skills required to meet the major global challenges of society.

With this strategy in mind, JCP sought out to develop this year’s student recruitment campaign for the 7 main faculties of the university. The insight we found was that although NMBU attract students with different mind-sets, the students still have the same heartfelt interest in the world we live in and how we treat it. From this insight, we made the campaign «Banebryter», a Norwegian word for game changing behavior often used in relation to science, which is an essential part of NMBU. In close cooperation with the university, we identified 7 of the most significant projects across all faculties where students were involved in finding solutions to problems that can really make a difference in the world. For example, using big data to find more humane cancer treatment, fighting bullying in schools through smart planning of schoolyards and planting food on high-rise city roofs as a way of providing food in the future of an increasing urban population. 

The Banebryter campaign has consisted of an in-house made web site as a hub for describing the different projects and the student teams behind them as well as specialized content for social media for each project. NMBU has also been on tour showcasing the projects through a specially designed glass box, in all the Norwegian cities where the students from each project come from, getting more PR than any previous recruitment campaign. The results from the campaign shows a 5% increase in the number of applicants for NMBU, which is particularly gratifying when the trend for applicants to higher education has been declining.