NMBU – Flesvig moves in


The brief
The awareness of NMBU (The Norwegian University of Life Sciences) has been low amongst its main target group of young students, and the University has had a goal to change this.

As a result, JCP developed a communication strategy, where the aim was to increase the awareness of NMBU with the target group of people 17-25 years. The communication focused on some selected messages organized in one main message and four support messages, showing NMBU’s strengths.

The solution/strategy
The campaign had two directions, one being very rational, and the other playing on the emotional side. The rational direction was used in relevant channels with the main message; “9 out of 10”.

“9 out of 10” plays on the number of students who get a job after completing a study at NMBU, which is one of the most important factors when young people choose their field of study. The goal with “9 out of 10” was that it should be very clear and easy to understand.

The other direction, where we played on the more emotional side, had Herman Flesvik (comedian, actor and Instagrammer) “move in” at NMBU. During a mini-series of six episodes we followed him while he experienced what it is like to be a student at NMBU.

The results
The campaigns received really positive feedback and the campaign was very well-reasoned with the target audience.

  • 8% increase in profile score in the category “a University with a good reputation”.
  • 8% remembers the campaign.
  • The mini-series has reached 1.3 million people and has been seen over 10,000 hours! The films also brought record 100,000 clicks to the campaign page for the project.

Comment from the client
“JCP has a good understanding of the target group of young students and both “9 out of 10” and “Flesvig moves in” have been activities that have worked well for us and helped more prospective students open their eyes to what NMBU can offer”.