OBOS24 – 24 festivals in 24 hours

The brief
OBOS – the largest cooperative building association in the Nordics – is owned by its more than 435 000 members, most of them in the Oslo-area.

Their vision is to build societies of the future and fulfill dreams of own housing. A central component of what OBOS believes to be a society of the future, is culture, so much so that it is part of the company’s CSR strategy. “A city with a rich cultural offering, is a great place to live”, OBOS states. Last year, the company supported efforts that contributed towards this via its program “OBOS Gir Tilbake” (OBOS Gives Back) with 113 MNOK. Through its membership benefit program, OBOS also sells 350 000 discounted tickets to concerts, festivals, theater shows, etc. In short “OBOS Gives Back” aims to stimulate ingredients in the recipe for a good city.

In addition to this, OBOS has regular sponsorship deals with a plethora of partners of a more commercial character. One of these sponsorships was the festival “Oslo Sommertid” (Oslo Summertime), Norway’s largest music festival with a sold out crowd of 55 000 with Eminem as the headliner.

OBOS challenged us to utilize the sponsorship of “Oslo Sommertid” in the best way possible, with focus on showcasing their culture commitment.

The strategy
OBOS is a hallmark name in Oslo and whole neighbourhoods have been shaped by the company – representing a quarter of Oslo’s housing stock. Furthermore, many cultural institutions are enjoying support from OBOS, meaning that the company is visible also outside peoples’ homes.

We wanted to use this opportunity to give back – in true OBOS spirit – to all those that didn’t have the chance to experience the musical highlight of the year. Including those who live in OBOS homes, but also strengthen ties with OBOS’ partners in the cultural field.

To achieve this, we created a festival on wheels – bringing music experiences to the places where people live, work, go to school, relax and hang out. We wanted to cater to everyone, and in a vibrant city like Oslo, there is always someone who are awake. Therefore, we chose to be live for a total of 24 hours, making sure everyone could join in on the fun.
In case people missed our impromptu festivals in real life, tickets could be won on OBOS’ Facebook page, where we did Norway’s longest Facebook Live broadcast with hosts in the studio who interviewed various guests and engaged the viewers with competitions and giveaways for a full 24 hours.

Through our partnership with Ekko Agency and Atomic Agency, we engaged Norway’s top hip-hop artists. Every hour, artists such as OnklP, Hkeem, Eddy x Zino, Stella Mwangi og Linda Vidala performed in a new location. We visited everything from the iconic Opera house to a late night afterparty in someone’s apartment. A majority of the locations we visited are partners of OBOS, who enjoy support from the “OBOS Gir Tilbake”-fund. Even Norway’s Minister of Transportation and Minister of Culture took part in the event.

At 4 in the morning, after giving great music experiences to thousands of people in Oslo, and hundreds of thousands in Norway through Facebook, we could look back at the world’s first true 24 hour festival.

The result
OBOS 24 was the primary marketing activity in activating the sponsorship with “Oslo Sommertid”. The activation was a great success, contributing to the highest sponsorship recognition in the Nordics ever recorded. We reached out to tens of thousands of bypassers live, and a reach of one million plus on social channels.

  • 15 000 people experienced the concerts live.
  • Through Facebook, we reached out to over one million people. Not bad for a country of 5 million inhabitants.
  • 92% of the people attending “Oslo Sommertid”, recognized that OBOS was the sponsor. Vegard Arntsen in Sponsor Insight (the largest sponsor analytical company in the Nordics) says the following – Sponsor Insight has never before seen such a high score on unassisted sponsorship recognition in the measurements we have made. This also include title sponsorships. OBOS has obviously done an exceptionally good job in terms of securing sender identity in this case.

Comment from the client
“In OBOS we work a lot with culture, but the project JCP presented was innovative in many ways. First of all, we got to showcase many parts of our business, and we visited other sponsorship objects throughout the 24 hours. The project gave us the opportunity to create activity in many channels, which was decisive for the success we had. Sponsorships is about getting hearts to beat together. In these 24 hours, our hearts literally beat together with our target group. We managed to create the desired attention for our sponsorship, and I am convinced that OBOS 24 contributed to the exceptionally high number of festival guests that in the end associated the festival with OBOS. OBOS 24 was without a doubt part of the recipe for a good city.”

Our Partners
Atomic Soul, Ekko Agency and Oslo Sommertid