QI on BBC Brit

The brief
In May 2017, British TV channel BBC Brit launched the new series of QI in Norway. QI, acronym for ‘Quite Interesting’ is a comedy quiz show full of quirky facts, in which contestants are rewarded more points if their answers are ‘quite interesting’. This series also introduced the new host Sandi Toksvig, after the departure of long-time host Stephen Fry. As part of the advertising campaign for the series, BBC challenged JCP Nordic to create a social media strategy which had two objectives:

  1. Ratings KPI: 20% increase from previous series.
  2. Generate awareness of the new series, and new host Sandi Toksvig

BBC briefed JCP to create a social media strategy that introduced a new talent and lead host (Sandi Toksvig), to an audience who were familiar with Stephen Fry, and prove the program continues to be as good as before.

The Strategy
The strategy was to create engaging social content with clips from the new series of QI, showcasing the new host and building interest for the show. But first and foremost, drive tune-in to the channel by creating 1-hour Kahoot! quizzes that would go live on BBC Brit’s Norwegian Facebook page, moments before the actual show on the channel.  As the live function on Facebook does not allow you to promote the content while you are live, coupled with the decline of organic reach is on Facebook, we had to build up anticipation for the quizzes with promotional content and posts beforehand.

To make the social media strategy come to life we created a range of different content to establish awareness and buzz around the the new series. Here is a list of the key content:

  1. Clips with funny and quirky facts from the show.
  2. Clips with Sandi Toksvig explaining what a «Kahoot!» is.
  3. Funny clips with Sandi’s interaction with the other panelists.
  4. Two live Kahoot! quizzes on Facebook live with prizes, an hour before the show aired on the channel.

The result
The launch was a huge success and QI had an 100% increase in viewership on the premiere episode, in addition to a 24% increase in viewership compared to previous seasons.

Total reach: 3 989 791
Organic reach: 936 829
Video views: 861 499
Engagement rate: 3,68%