Snapchat filter for Chooose and Santander

We created a fun filter for all the visitors at Norway Cup 2018 to create awareness around our clients.

The Brief
During Norway Cup, Chooose and Santander wanted to be present through social media in addition to physical attendance. They wanted us to create a fun and brave way to reach out and create awareness amongst the visitors and participants.

The Solution
Snapchat is offering a great way to create awareness through its filter and lenses. Snapchat has the ability to target people in a specific geographical area in a fun and intuitive way.
We believed creating a filter was the best way to approach the task because we could specifically target the people within the area. If it is done properly, a snapchat filter can be a very powerful tool to communicate specific messages.

The result
During the five days Norway Cup took place in Oslo our filter had 43.000 swipes, 2.000 people used it to send a snap and 13.400 people viewed snaps with the filter.