Stihl Timbersports 2017

In November 2017 German chainsaw manufacturer, Stihl, hosted the Timbersports World Championship in Lillehammer, Norway. 

As part of the six month build up to the event, Stihl challenged JCP to create an integrated marketing communication campaign which had bold two goals:

  1. Sell all of the tickets for both days of the Timbersports World Championship.
  2. Sell 1000 limited and premium edition Timbersports World Championship chainsaws in Norway and Sweden.

Stihl wanted one overarching strategy and story to ensure strong synergies between, and consistent messages in, the different channels in the marketing mix. Due to budget constraints the strategy was supposed to be PR driven, with very limited budgets for media spend.

There were two main obstacles to the campaign:

  1. Stihl Timbersports was an unknown sport in Norway, with a non-existing following and extremely low awareness in Norway generally, but also in the target audience specifically. Therefore selling 8000 tickets to a sports event nobody knows or have heard of would be tricky.
  2. Stihl had no plan, product story or experience in using Timbersports for retail campaigns, to guide our campaign to sell 1000 very expensive chainsaws (retail price €800).


JCP created a strategy where the goal was to build interest for Timbersports by turning the unknown national team in Timbersports into Norway’s new favorite sports team – to give the sport a face, and someone to cheer for. The Norwegian team consists of four modest guys from a small rural place in outskirts of Norway.

We called it «The Hero Strategy». To set the strategy to life we devised detailed plans, with a range of activities, aiming a elevating the Norwegian athletes as social media heroes and media darlings. To supplement the earned and social attention, we also used the hero strategy to build the in-store campaign for the limited edition chainsaw.

To make the strategy come to life JCP ran a range of different activities to create attention and buzz around the team.
Here is a list of the key activities.

  • Campaign launch and Timbersports training camp for media.
  • Training camp for media at famous Olympic rower Olaf Tufte’s farm.
  • Event picture where Timbersports met Wingsuit flying on the top of a famous Norwegian mountain.
  • Timbersports training camp with some of Norway’s top fitness bloggers and influencers.
  • Media appearances at Norway’s most popular talk shows and daily radio shows.
  • Facebook community management with engaging content and posts about Timbersports and the Norwegian heroes.
  • In-store campaign using full scale cutout figure featuring the Norwegian Timbersports heroes.
  • Public events showcasing Timbersports.

Results from the PR activities:

  • Number of stories: 140
  • Total reach (readers, viewers, listeners): 19 980 642
  • Retrievers estimated PR-value: 10 445 804,- NOK
  • Stihl mentioned in 64 % of the stories
  • Timbersports mentioned in 86 % of the stories
  • Key message mentioned in 93 % of the stories
  • Tone of voice: 90 % Positive, 9 % Neutral, 1% Negative

Results from the social media activities:

  • Total reach:
 2 167 489
  • Paid reach:
 1 397 243
  • Organic reach:
 779 247
  • Like growth:
  • Video views:
 1 351 301
  • Engagement rate:
  • Engagement (post reactions): 16 337

Results from the in-store campaign

  • Campaign material in 200 stores.
  • Sales target for limited edition chainsaw: 1000 chainsaws
  • Actual number of chainsaws sold: 2500
  • Total revenue: NOK 18 725 000,- (€ 1 945 889,- at 23. January 2018).

«The in-store campaign JCP created is now the new international standard for how Stihl activates the Timbersports World Championship around the world». – Bjorn Sonsteby, country manager Andreas Stihl AS.