“Surprisingly much” from AJ Products at Oslo Airport Gardermoen

AJ Products is known for delivering a wide range of products for the office as well as products for warehouse and workshop facilities. Their slogan is “Surprisingly much” so when they wanted us to build a stand at Oslo Airport Gardermoen to promote their office chairs, we knew that we had to think differently. So how do you get a traveller passing by to stop and look at an office chair at the airport?

The execution
We built a stand with the function of an airport lounge where passing travellers were invited to sit, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while testing AJ’s newest office furniture.

At the lounge there were helpful personnel who shared information about the products as well as serving coffee, free musli bars, water and candy.

As the lounge where equipped with comfortable furniture, charging possibilities for all electronics and even a pc with free Wi-Fi 24/7, it is not an overstatement when we say that the lounge was occupied at all times by passengers waiting for their flight. What a success!

To spice it up
A lot of office furniture AJ sells is designed to keep employees active when they work by being able to lower and raise the desks. To emphasize their slogan “Surprisingly much” and to motivate people to be more active in the office, there were an acrobatic show every day at the airport with professional dancers to inspire and engage.

The stand was quite a success with thousands of visitors, 350 liters of coffee served and almost 800 participants in the contest where you could win an optional office chair to the value of NOK 20.000,-.