The Cloud of Joy

After only existing in foreign markets, Skittles – the fruit-flavored candy – was finally available in Norway in 2018.

To celebrate the launch, Skittles wanted to link the brand to Norway, and create something fun and relevant that would involve Norwegians.

As we know, the winter in Norway is cold, dark and depressing. Norwegians are mostly looking down walking from A to B, and they are often jogging to get out of the cold. But let’s be honest, Skittles is the perfect brand to create sunshine and laughter and our mission was to bring out smiles and brighten up people’s day – in true Skittles style.

We got Vegard Harm on our team, brought our self-made cloud with us and travelled to Norway’s darkest city, Rjukan. A town where they have placed a mirror on one of the mountains to reflect the sunlight. A town that needed some joy.

For one day, Vegard Harm walked around in Rjukan surprising people with a ton of Skittles that “rained” from the Cloud of Joy.