The Summer Job of your dreams


The brief
Ruter coworking with SMFB and JCP, wanted to show people all the varied experiences the summer in Oslo and Akershus has to offer, and also how you can reach the different destinations by public transport.

To do that, Ruter advertised jobs where people could decide for themselves what they wanted to work as. There was only one condition; It had to bring joy to other people.

The Result
After 300 job applications, we ended up with 15 different jobs across Oslo and Akershus. JCP facilitated for dog agility with in Frognerparken, samba drums in Sofienbergsparken, beachyoga at Huk, tea ceremony at Ekeberg pavilion, mysterious hiking tour in Sørkedalen, and a lot of other unique jobs. Plenty of people showed up to participate on the activities with great engagement.