Tine’s Easter Crime series

JCP Digital created a digital plattform as part of the communication Tine did around their classic Easter Crime series. 

Insight and strategy
Tine has a great tradition to deliver an Easter Crime series for all the Norwegians to solve during the Easter holiday. This series is displayed on the packaging on the milk carton. This year Tine wanted to take their campaign further and use digital solutions to increase visits to Tine’s website and collect more info about the clients purchases. The idea was to link the printed version with a digital platform that could engage the clients even more. Attract them with incentive to join and give Tine more data.

This year crime series was based on an item being stolen and the thief had left a clue, his or hers finger print.

We created a platform where people could enter to check if their finger print was the one we were looking for. First of all, we wanted the visitors to share their name with us and what product they had bought from Tine. Then they could try the finger scanner function. This function was not real, but a simulation of a scanner that where hooked up to the backend that generated a random percentage. Everyone who got a higher score than 60% got the opportunity to win tickets to the cinema, and the ones getting 100% match where all in a lottery for a “golden egg”.

The result
The visitation rate on Tines homepage during the same period last year increase with almost 300%. The data collected from the visitors gave Tine great insight and make it easier to know what they should be focusing their communication for next year’s Easter promotions.