Tour de Kids 2019

It’s not about winning – it’s about participating! The mission for all kids that participate in “Tour de Kids” is to feel like bicycle-stars. This year we had the ‘Tour de Kids’ world premiere in Denmark.

The tourplan was developed in collaboration with 6 municipalities across Denmark, composed after cityfestivals and happenings in the local community. We made a route that was 1-6 kilometers long, and invited all kids aged 3-10 to bring their bike and cycle for fun. Along the route we had fences with sponsor-banners, we had a cheering zone and lots of visitors watching the race and cheering for the participants.

The event is made in partnership with ‘Borneulykkesfonden’ (or Children’s Accident Fund) who’s mission is to make Denmark the number one safest place for kids, in Europe. They do this through learning and informing about safety to parents and those working with kids. Furthermore, we have partnered with Cartoon Networks, who were connected as media partners. They were responsible for TV spots before and during the event.

The head sponsors of the year were Lidl and Apovit, vitamins from the pharmacy. In addition, we had 11 sponsors (teammates) who were: Arla, Ribena, Hyundai, GF insurance, Winther, P20 sunscreen, Gevalia, Europcar, Salvequick, Abus and ‘3-stjernet’. During the race sponsor activities targeting the audience, attached and welcomed approximately 17.000 visitors throughout the tour.

All of our sponsors made a huge contribution to the atmosphere, here amongst Cartoon Networks whose vibrant characters, known for TV, were all over, doing “Meet & Greets”.

We are looking forward to 2020 where we will expand to 10 cities, warming up to Tour de France. We are proud to call ourselves “Denmark’s largest kids bikerace”.