Unilabs Norway – Heart for the Team

The leading medical diagnostics service provider Unilabs wanted to increase visibility, attention and traffic in the core markets Bergen and Stavanger, and to position themselves as a health provider on teams with most people. What better way to do that than to involve some very enthusiastic football supporters?

Insights and strategy

Not many people are picky regarding where they choose to conduct an X-ray examination. Therefore, we wanted to create a link between Unilabs and something a big part of the population can recognize. Our proposition was to connect Unilabs to the greatest pride of Bergen and Stavanger: the local football teams.

We arranged a different medical competition where the biggest supporter of Brann and Viking, respectively, was to compete in who really has the greatest heart for the team …

Hjerte for laget


After an initial recruitment round involving almost 50 applicants, we picked out two lucky supporters. The two were flown to Oslo, where they spent a full day in our medical laboratory in front of a television screen.

On the screen we showed a football match with their favorite team, and then we measured the supporter’s physiological reactions during the match. Stress, cortisol level, blood sugar, heart rate and heart rate were measured and the purpose was to determine which supporter was most physically affected by watching their team play.

The entire session was filmed and the videos from the experiment later released on Facebook, segmented against people in Bergen and Stavanger.

The results

In total, the campaign reached 370,000 people on Facebook and generated more engagement than any previous Unilabs campaign.