Volvo – The Restaurant inspired by Volvo XC40


To launch the new Volvo XC40, master chef Tom Victor Gausdal was challenged to compose a menu with the car as the only source of inspiration. Together Volvo, Gausdal and JCP opened up a restaurant in Oslo.

– The Volvo XC40 is a compact SUV, and a completely different type of car than other models. Therefore, we saw the need to launch XC40 in Norway in a unique way. To truly captures the essence of the car, giving the target audience an exceptional experience, says Hanne Tønseth, Marketing Communications Manager in Volvo Car Norway.

JCP got the task of launching the new model, and JCP Ignite, JCPr and JCP Event collaborated to solve the challenge. The same group of people were also behind last year’s launch of the Volvo V90. Last year, the campaign revolved around an artificial intelligence app. This year the agency has gone in a completely different direction.

– With the Volvo XC40, we move into a new, more urban lifestyle segment. It is a city car with a great focus on design, created for a younger audience who appreciate the good craft behind products and experiences. We believe that the craft behind good food draws clear parallels to the car’s crafts and design ethos. So, together with Tom Victor, we will open Volvo’s first restaurant inspired by a car ever, says Paul Little, creative director at JCP’s advertising agency JCP Ignite.

Tom Victor Gausdal has learned to know the car, and after many hours of experimentation in the kitchen he has now transferred the car’s philosophy to a 5-course menu. The Barcode restaurant opened on Wednesday, October 25th, and stayed open for four days.

The whole process has been documented and the history of both the creation of the car and the menu can be seen in the three-piece mini documentary.