Volvo – Say Hello to V

Vil V velge deg?

In 2016, Volvo wanted help to create a campaign for the new Volvo V90. But there was a small catch: The campaign launch would take place several months before the car itself would be available in Norwegian showrooms. We had to come up with a solution for revealing the V90’s innovative and intelligent mechanisms – without showing the car itself. And that’s how the lovely lady V was born.

Insights and strategy

The goal of the campaign was to show off the V90’s unique and cutting-edge features, and incite the desire to test drive the car when it was available – sparking a solid groundwork for future sales of the V90. The co-operating agencies wanted to make a campaign as intelligent as the car itself.

Artificial intelligence became our cultural «peg», which resonated well with our target audience: tech-savvy men between the age of 35 and 50.

We wanted to incorporate one of Volvo’s philosophies – «Designed Around You» – ­into our creative universe. We chose the mobile phone as our main platform of execution; giving us the opportunity to create a personal, one-to-one communication channel between the audience and our campaign.

The solution

That’s why V was born: to be the world’s first artificially intelligent car guide. V was a mobile application with a real personality, brought to life by a charming and engaging female voice.

Her birth had two purposes: To tell the user about the innovation behind the V90, and to find the lucky person to win a brand new V90. The more you engaged in conversation with V and looked at the content she showed you, the more points (visualized with hearts) you got. If your heart score was the highest when the campaign was over, you won the car.

The «V» app was launched with a national campaign in traditional and digital platforms, and on the campaign site Snakk med V (Talk to V). We also arranged roadshows in six Norwegian cities. In addition, we opened a pop-up showroom in central Oslo to display the V90 when it arrived.

The results

«V» quickly become the most downloaded app in the App Store in Norway, with 42.00 downloads in only two weeks.

V engaged in 40.000 conversations with an average duration of 30 minutes.The app provided the user with content about the V90 that were customized for their interests and needs. This content was shared 430.000 times in social media.

The «V» campaign also reached the front page of the culture section in Norway’s largest newspaper, in which it also got a double page spread.

The most important achievement was that 9.000 users registered information about themselves, so far leading to over 900 test drives of the V90 and S90.

Almost a thousand cars where pre-purchased: resulting in sales worth nearly one billion Norwegian kroner.

Norges første kunstig intelligens-kampanje.


● We received a silver medal at the 2017 Max Marketing Mix contest in the category «Travel, Transport and Vehicles».
● … a bronze medal in the «Mobile» category at the 2017 Gullblyanten Awards.
● … and a bronze medal at the 2017 Norwegian Retail Prize in the «Open Contest – Innovation and Creativity» category.
● We also received a «Mobile» Smart Single diploma at the 2017 ANFO Effekt, hosted by the Norwegian Advertisers Association.
● We were also shortlisted to a 2017 Gulltaggen in the «Mobile» category.
● We are currently nominated for a 2017 SABRE Award in the category «Consumer Marketing (Existing Product)».