June 12, 2017

Welcome to the World, JCP Carwash!

As you all know – maybe from reading Adweek last week – we’ve gotten a new visual identity.

Isn’t it beautiful? We wanted to do something special when we got it. And you may have noticed how we chose to do it; advertising extensively worldwide to find the successor to our previous logo.

– Changing our visual identity meant that we suddenly had a lot of excess branded office supplies etc. with our old logo. At the same time, many companies worldwide struggle with their own visibility. Instead of just throwing everything away, we decided to donate it all to a business somewhere that would benefit from it, Øystein Tynning explains.

In the search for our successor, we advertised extensively worldwide. Classified ads tempting with a «logo and visual identity giveaway» were published on advertisement websites in Iran, France, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Iceland, the Bahamas, Greece and many other countries.

In just two weeks, we received over 400 requests from all over the world: Amongst them a dog hairdresser, a founder of a new church, an industrial designer, several photographers and web designers, a squash club leader, a fruit puree producer, a car magazine founder, a clothing brand owner and a kiting instructor.

Today, JCP’s old profile has a new life in a Romanian car wash. After many rounds of discussion, JCP decided to give it all to Iulian Soros, a car wash owner from the outskirts of Bucharest.

Carwash owner Iulian Soros and two of his employees.

– He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and when we found out his business had been struggling for some time, the decision was easy. The way he greeted us and the look on his face when we handed over the stuff was definitely worth the long trip, CEO Øystein Tynning says.

Thank you all for your lovely inquiries! We are happy that our old visual profile has gotten a new home with Iulian and his employees at JCP Carwash in Romania. Welcome to the JCP family!