Why should clients care about creative awards?


Winning awards is great for any agency. It builds internal pride, attracts new talent and builds reputation.

So what’s the problem?

Often it’s big money making machines, with a jungle of categories to spend agency money on, who wins the awards. However the biggest problem is that a lot of clients still see awards as an internal agency ego trip. So why the hell should clients care about the awards?

Creative communication has been revolutionized after the emergence of social media, and the transparency that comes with it. This has lead to consumers demanding more honesty and a sense of purpose from brands. Our audiences have become more critical, demanding, cynical and selective when it comes to allowing a brand to resonate with them.

That means that the creative work we do needs to change. With data and technology, we know more about who our audiences are. Studies show that millennials and Generation Z are highly purpose-driven, meaning that they are more likely to engage with brands that actually stands for something. As an agency, we got to use creativity to engage and captivate them in more relevant and meaningful ways.

Increasingly, the big awards tend to choose creative work that has higher significance on culture and society – or at least involve the audience on an experiential level. Earlier this year we went to New York as we were shortlisted at The One Show. Although traditional ads got awarded that night, we saw that the trends are exactly the same in the US. Many of the highest awarded campaigns were either experiential, made an impact on culture and society, or both (see examples at the end).

If this trend continues, we believe that clients will increasingly start to appreciate creative awards themselves – and connect the value of awards with the value of work that actually makes a difference.

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