CASE: Will it melt

Campaign period: Week 40-42, 2019


Although it is represented with several dairy products in the Norwegian market, Arla has been struggling to increase its market share in the grated cheese category. Arla has been competing against larger brands with stronger name recognition and financial muscles for years.

Arla wanted a campaign to promote one of their main products; Apetina Mozzarella grated cheese. They wanted something that would stand out from their competitors, and grab some valuable market shares, especially among a younger audience (18-35 year olds).

When it comes to food, and especially cheese, it’s easy to go for the “safer” options by showing tasty cheese strings and traditional “food porn”. But we wanted to challenge Arla a bit, so JCP PRAD recommended to do something that most brands are afraid of; play with their food.

We created our own take on the Youtube-classic “Will it blend?”, namely “Will it melt?”. One of the USPs for Apetina Mozzarella is that it has good melting properties. So, in a three-episode series on Snapchat and Facebook, we put the product to the test and created a new payoff; “When cheese needs melting”. So how well does the grated cheese actually melt?

We invited one of Norway’s biggest influencers (Vegard Harm) to be the host, and guide us through the experiments in his particular light-hearted, fun and somewhat weird way.


The result:

We collaborated with VG (one of Norway’s largest news sites / online broadcasters) and showed the campaign on their Snapchat and online television channel.

The campaign was VG’s most successful Snapchat-campaign ever, in terms of viewing time and swipe-up-statistics. The videos have 400.000 unique viewers in the target group, 20%+ watched the whole commercial, which lasts more than 60 seconds.

The campaign was also showed as pre rolls on VGs video service, VG TV, and the CTR was outstanding.  Benchmark for in-stream video on display is 0,1-0,2% – Will it melt had 3% CTR.

“We have never seen results like this before! Both the results on VG snapchat and VG TV was outstanding. It’s clear that the target group would like to interact with this content.” – VG

The campaign was also shown on Vegard Harm’s own channel, and his manager reported that it was also one of the most successful FMCG-campaigns Vegard Harm had ever been a part of, in terms of interaction, viewing time and swipe-up-statistics. Benchmark for swipe-ups is 1500 – 2300 in this category. Will it melt had an average of 5000 swipe ups on each episode.

At last but not least; Arla reported that during the campaign, they had a 15% increase in sales of Apetina Mozzarella compared to the year before.

While the cheese category as a whole experienced decreased sales (statistics, light green line), Arla increased (dark green line) its sales. The sales were 9% better in the week after the campaign had launched (and Arla had no product discounts or other campaigns during this time).

Apetina MozzarellaWhen cheese needs melting

Here are the three episodes: